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I'm actually kind of hoping it rains today. It's supposed to. I really need to clean, and if it rains I don't feel guilty about not taking the kids to a park or something.

We will go to the library today, though. I need to return a few books, one of which I actually read for myself. (I know!) For the record, do not waste your money on How Not To Write a Novel, by Howard Mittlemark and Sandra Newman. more behind the cut )

So, yeah. Don't but How Not to Write a Novel, unless you're literally just starting out. Good advice, but most of you are way beyond it, and the examples aren't even that funny.

Changing subjects....

TV Meme, Day 25: A show you plan on watching (old or new)

Yes, I know. Bad Geek. I have never seen Farscape. However, that will be remedied! Sitting in our "to watch" pile is the entire series on DVD, which we picked up for... I don't remember, but it was when Deep Discount and Amazon were having a little price war. It was some really low price compared to what the series usually runs. Neither of us have seen an episode, but so many people with similar taste to us have told us how awesome it is that we figured it was a good risk. We haven't watched it yet because we had to get through all the stuff that was on the air, and we had been working our way through Terminator: TSCC (which neither of us really got into), and now we're working our way through the Dresden Files. which shouldn't take too much longer. But summer is perfect DVD time, since nothing else that we watch is on.

I got a LOT written on Agency yesterday, which is exciting. rambling about writing )

So looking forward to cleaning today. NOT.
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::Frustrated:: So, I finally began my [livejournal.com profile] femgenficathon fic. My quote is interesting, but kind of tough.

femgenficathon talk under the cut. )

Here, bunnies, bunnies, bunnies....

My writing bunnies are being lazy. They're showing up, but they won't tell me how they end. I hate that.

Writing to-do list and WIP meme: )

And, since I'm here....

TV meme, day 24: Best quote

Really? I have to choose? Well, Here are five )


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