Feb. 15th, 2010

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Eek. Quick cooking question-

I'm having a little V-Day party tomorrow, that involves lunch for women and kids. The kids are eating pizza, red fruit, and cookies. The moms? That's my question. I'm definitely serving gougeres, and either red fruit or strawberry spinach salad, depending on the strawberries at the grocery store. And chocolate raspberry tarts (VERY rich) for dessert.

So, lunch. Two options:

1.) Smoked chicken salad with basil Parmesan mayonnaise. Smoked chicken, cheese, proscuitto, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, and scallions with a basil parm mayo (not homemade, because one of my guests is pregnant.)

2.) Macaroni and cheese with shiitake mushrooms, corn, and bacon. Mac, cheddar cheese, shiitake mushrooms, bacon, super-sweet white corn, parsley, and cream.

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Title: One Need in the Night
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lls_mutant
Characters: Helo, Athena, Gaeta, and Hoshi
Pairings: The Helo/Athena and Gaeta/Hoshi romances are important, but the story really isn't about Helo/Athena or Gaeta/Hoshi, rather Helo-Gaeta and Athena-Hoshi.
Rating: R for very dark flashbacks
Summary: -Revenge. Everyone wants it. Sometimes, it's even deserved. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it's forgivable.
Warnings: Dark fic. I kind of consider the warning a spoiler, but I'm not an asshole. If "dark fic" is enough of a warning for you, proceed, but if you'd rather, highlight for the brief warning here: death of children, rape and the more detailed warning here: Sharon focuses on two children who are killed during the initial attack on the Colonies, and Hoshi and Narcho were two of the Pegasus officers who raped Gina. There are no explicit details, but it's disturbing.
Author's Notes: I seem to have about a million backstories for Hoshi. This is a new one. And while this isn't set in any of my novel-length universes, it was written with Freaks and Geeks in mind as a prequel for Helo's friendship with Gaeta.

You do what you think is right, no matter what. I like to think we're two of a kind. )


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