May. 20th, 2010

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This post is really for [ profile] geekbynight, although if anyone else really wants to read it, feel free. She asked me about my outlining process, and if she could see one of my outlines. This is the working outline for The Space Between Us.

Outline for The Space Between Us )
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Ugh. What a day.

Watched Riverworld last night. It was bad. REALLY bad. The idea looked kind of neat, but the editing sucked, the exposition altered between not enough and dumping, and the dialogue was painful. Want proof?

Samurai girl: It is time.
Hal: Time for what?
Samurai girl: Time to be brave!

So, yeah. Didn't make it all the way through and deleted it off the DVR.

Speaking of bad TV, the TV meme

Day 05 - A show you hate

Why do I hate it? Let me count the ways:

1.) The kids are not old enough to make their own decisions about this sort of thing. Frak em up a little more, why don't you?

2.) You are not a special snowflake for having so many kids. Yes, it's unusual. And no, I could care less.

3.) It has put John and Kate Gosselin ALL OVER THE PLACE. Seriously- it's as bad as Paris Hilton. I do not remotely care about these people, their marriage, their diets, their hair, their views on politics or fashion, or their ability to dance. Just get them off my TV, off my internet, and off my radio, please!

Just for the record, The 30 days )

I also remember an issue I have with Kate Gosselin. She was on a People magazine cover or something, and the caption was "Isn't a Mom allowed to have a little fun?" Well, yes, we are. But just... ARGH. It's not because she's a mom having fun that I can't stand her.

But ironically, that leads into what happened the other night. I took the kids out, and this older woman complimented me on the boys' behavior. LOVE hearing that, of course, because it's rare enough that anyone in this world tells anyone else they're doing a good job. Then she asked me if I stay home with my kids, and she said she could tell.

As much as her telling me she appreciated my boys' behavior made me feel good, her compliment really kind of bugged me as she went on. I mean, on the one hand, I have my reasons for staying home and it's really kind of nice to hear someone acknowledge that. On the other hand, I felt highly disloyal to my fellow moms. I mean, I know kids where both parents work and they are an absolute joy and delight. I know kids whose moms stay at home and they are freaking terrors. (I know less of the second, mainly because if the kids are true terrors, we steer clear.) It just is one of those things that bugs me.

But anyway. I did have to take a few - OMG, FRINGE! Broyles' ringtone!!!!! - sorry. We went to the library again, and cuteness abounds.

A couple of pictures. )


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