May. 29th, 2010

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Title: Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo
Summary: In a bar on Atlantis, Felix and the Tighs drink way too much.
Pairings: The story is gen, but the Tighs are obviously madly in love, and Felix talks about Louis
Warnings: This takes place in the The Space Between Us universe, so the warnings for that story carry over, although this piece is mostly fluff.
Prompt: for [ profile] geekbynight, who asked for exactly what the summary says :) Thanks for the prompt- this is EXACTLY what I was in the mood to write last night!

Then after ten rounds with Jose Cuervo, I lost count and started counting again. )
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TV Meme: Day 14: Favorite Male Character

This might actually shock you a little (well, maybe), and there's more than one picture, so I'm putting it behind a cut. )

Remix reveals tomorrow! I'm psyched. I have no real idea who wrote mine, because it's a Harry Potter remix. I'm not fluent in who all is out there in Harry Potter any more, and they chose a gen fic anyway.

I'm going to make two guesses:

1.) [ profile] midnitemaraud_r. This one makes some interesting sense. She posted that she pwned her remix right around the same time AO3 said the one written for me had been turned in. Of course, this was the day before the remixes were due, so that evidence can't possibly interpreted any other way, right? Right :) But the other thing that made me think maybe was that when she got her remix assignment, she said she was surprised or something. Given that I remixed her a few years ago, that would work.

2.) [ profile] snorkackcatcher. All I got to go on here is that it's gen, and it seems like the kind of story he'd go for.

Real scientific, right? If anyone wants to take a guess at the two I wrote, the poll thingie is here.

And speaking of writing, two The Space Between Us Atlantis fics!!!! :)

Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo, where Gaeta and the Tighs get drunk. I had fun with this one :)

Teach Your Children Well by [ profile] kappamaki33, which is sweet and set much, much later and is Gaeta/Hoshi and not angsty :)

Also, interesting question. Toby was asking me about Memorial Day the other day, and of course we were talking about the armed forces. Toby asked me "are army guys good guys?"

I have lots of respect for people who choose the military and to defend our country, even if I don't always agree with what the military is sent to do. But I also have a problem whitewashing any one group of people and saying "yes, they're good guys" because:

1.) Not everyone in that group is "good", and

2.) In a four year old's mind, then there are "bad guys", and you can see where that goes.

How do you answer this question for a four year old? Just say "yes, the army guys are good guys?" or what? I mean, I can explain what I think, but he's FOUR and he just doesn't get it all.

Okay. I should either clean or write. Have a good Saturday!


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