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Looking over my past few entries, I've been notably absent. The only thing I've been commenting about is BSG. I'm sure many of you can guess that this is because I need the escapism, and that is partly true. But it's just been crazy, and I've been drained or not even anywhere near my computer.

Eating Hospital and Other Real Life Updates )

Of course, we've been watching TV some. Not much, but some. My mom isn't into a lot of the same shows that we are (we'll both watch American Idol, but that's about it), so we DVRed a bunch of them and are catching up. (Except BSG. That one I insisted on.) Fringe still is keeping me, and LOST basically has me because I've invested this much time in it. (I'm so freaking lost. I HATE time travel.)

Speaking of time travel, Heroes )

Well, I think I've pontificated long enough. Hope all is well with all of you!
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Um, I suck. Happy belated birthdays to [livejournal.com profile] thistlerose, [livejournal.com profile] kasche, [livejournal.com profile] falafel_musings, and [livejournal.com profile] pfrsue (who I at least got over on the Mutant board.) Hope you all had great ones!

So, we began eating hospital.

So far, it's been easy. Of course, I was expecting that. Yesterday was a more intense orientation. Physical exam, they watched me feed Toby so they knew what they were dealing with, explanations of procedures... that sort of stuff. And it was a half day.

Last night it snowed, so we missed our morning feeding session today. The thing is, the way the days are structured we have feeding sessions at 9:15, 12:15, and 3:15. And in between those sessions? Nothing. Eek. And it's cold, so going outside isn't a great option. But we got there in time for our 12:15 feeding session today, and it went well. Of course, today they just did a preferred food, to get Toby used to the procedure and the therapist. The first procedure is "take a bite, play with the toy. No bite- no play."

I was amused, though. I'd told them Toby is smart. I realize people usually put that down to mother's pride, but he really is a smart little snot. After the first session, his therapist told him that he'd be able to come down and play with her again. Toby looked at her and said, "I know. That's how you get me to eat." Her mouth fell open. She said usually three year olds don't call her on the game at the first meal.

They're pretty sure he's going to keep them on their toes. I fully agree :)

So, yeah. If I owe you a response and haven't, I'm sorry. The kids were sick and then I was sick and now we're into this, and so I've been crazy.

Sleep. Must SLEEP tonight!


Jan. 13th, 2009 02:05 pm
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Yeah, that's right. Not frak. Fuck. As in FUCK!

The insurance claim was denied.

a.) So not happy.
b.) Why didn't anyone start this paperwork earlier?
c.) Did I mention I'm PISSED.
d.) Insurance company was going to send me a letter detailing my options (rather than calling me). Fuck that. I called them. Let's get the appeals process going.
e.) I'm terrified the appeal isn't going to work, either. I just read the letter, and if you don't deal with Toby, it doesn't sound all that ominus.
f.) I've been half storming about, half crying.
g.) FUCK.
h.) Yeah, I got nothing else. Just FUCK.

I think I need to abuse a fictional character today. Hard. Really, really, really hard. That and eat chocolate and cry and swear and something else, I don't know what.

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So we just had our first snack time food therapy. We had no strides forward, but at least I feel like this approach is low-stress on me and will work if we are patient. Today Toby had to accept a plate of crackers in front of him. (He's eaten crackers before.) One was plain, one had a thin smear of Laughing Cow cheese on it. (Very mild, if you've never had it.) He kept pushing it away, but knowing that we only had to try this for a short time made it bearable.

Afterwards (probably not enough time afterwards), he did eat a sweet potato cookie. They have nice big raisins in them, and I would be perfectly happy if I could also get him to accept raisins. He'll eat them in a cookie, but not on their own. After this batch of cookies, I'll try them plain again.

I may not post tomorrow, but it has everything to do with time and nothing to say and nothing to do with any strikes or whatever. Just saying. :)
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Dear Trevor,

4:30 AM is NOT time to play. Thanks, sweetie.


So, we went to the feeding team today for our initial evaluation. I think we saw 5 doctors and one nurse or something like that. It was rather exhausting, and I'm not sure how we feel about it. They think they can help us, and they think that Toby has some sensory processing issues. They've made some recommendations about how to proceed, mainly involving instituting a snack time and introducing new foods there, and the procedure for doing so for someone like him. They want us to keep giving him accepted foods for meals, so meals become pleasant, but make snack time the more difficult time. Makes sense, I guess.

They also want Toby to be seen by an occupational therapist and a developmental pediatrician. The wait time on these people is AMAZING. Probably 2-3 months for the therapist, and NINE months for the pediatrician. As annoying as this is to ME, I can only imagine how it must feel to, say, a mother with an autistic child. I mean, Toby is having issues, sure, but he has a very normal life. Maybe they have a shorter wait time for more severe cases. I hope so.

So, tomorrow we begin snack time, and head on over to our regular doctor to give him copies of the recommendations and ask for referrals, and perhaps see if he knows some other doctors that have shorter lead times. Hey- worth a shot.

I'll answer the 15 characters meme (anyone still want to play?) tomorrow or something, when I'm in a better mood :P


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